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Drivin' Blind, Washington DC's favorite "Classic Rock Party Band", is back again and stronger than ever… however there will be some changes. It is with great sadness to tell all of our Drivin’ Blind friends out there that Joe Lamb passed away this past January. Joe was an extraordinary person, an incredible friend and guitar player and will be missed by everyone that knew him. His playing touched our heart and souls.

Reforming in 2013 with Gregg Miller returning on guitar and vocals, Erik Richardson on keyboards, fiddle, guitar and vocals, Doug Trainor on bass and vocals, and Michael Nicolia on drums will give our friends out there the real Drivin' Blind experience. You might even see a few appearances by former Drivin' Blind alumni Dave White, Chris Forrest, Joe Nipper, Pat Higgins, Charles Agel and Matthew Grose, and special guests like Jim Barrett on sax.

When you are out there on the edge, the wind in your face and your eyes “wide shut” you are “Drivin Blind”…. So we will see you out on the road, and remember: "there's only one way to drive, and that's blind (Drivin' Blind that is!)...

In memory of our friend and bandmate - Joe Lamb